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After watering his crops, he will set the player objectives in gathering ingredients for a new plant, the Boomseed.
The musical flute pipes.Some of the prizes won from this passage are as follows: Raccoons Only Raccoons -only passage under hard difficulty.Phantoms, the, boomseed, and provides the first player interaction with.They include: After rescuing Max, the koala trapped in the first cave, the player can take a carrot to Rosalind, the koala by the bamboo pipes and vine ladder, and they will give the player Gems and Courage Points.A Phantom Pipe that clubs echangistes bordeaux is frozen mid-explosion.The exterior of Cosmo's den.There's a rose bush that gives the player a rose and a moth that, once clicked, can also be carried.The Hard difficulty mode was released on September 12, 2013.
It was initially released for testing for members-only on August 22, 2013, but it was later released to all Jammers on November 7, 2013.
In the last cave, there is a tiger gate in both modes.
If the player plugs in all the corks in all of the phantom pipes, in hard mode, (there are 8 total phantom pipes they can collect a prize in the second tree house.
Both of these are used in extra tasks that can be completed.This koala is named Isaac, as in Isaac Newton.After fixing the bridge to the final cave, the player can give a Rose to Zosi, the koala in the last den the player sees who traded timber for banana, and they will give the player 250 Gems and Courage Points.It is only available in the Hard difficulty mode and it can only be accessed once the Tiger passage is unlocked.The player will also visit Cosmo's den, in which they can find two of the needed ingredients for the Boomseed.Tobias' moth can also be seen in The Return of the Phantoms and the Adventure Base Camp.Grapes growing in Cosmo's garden.If the player waters all of the plants in the adventure, (on hard mode they can collect their prize in the first tree house.After rescuing Max, the koala trapped in the first cave, the player can take an orange to Liam, the koala outside the first den as the player leaves Cosmo's garden, and they will give the player with Gems and Courage Points.The top room in Gregor's den has all Paradise Party themed den items, including the Rare Paradise Couch.

Land-only, time Period, year-round, meet Cosmo is a land adventure available to all Jammers, and it is the third.
Tigers -only passage under hard difficulty.
(2,000 gems plus 50 courage points).